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Uranium Mining in Virginia:
Fact versus Fiction

Jul 09, 2013
Sprott Money Managers Share the Secret for Surviving the 'Bernanke Put'
Publisher: The Energy Report
Jun 03, 2013
Fear, ignorance, and greed driving uranium mining debate in Virginia
May 29, 2013
Virginia Uranium Mining: Draft Regulations Now, Lift Moratorium Later
Publisher: The Heritage Foundation
Jan 31, 2013
Rob Chang: Is 2013 a Catalyst Year for the Uranium Market?
Publisher: The Energy Report
Jan 17, 2013
Virginia's Coles Hill Uranium Deposit Faces Crucial Vote as Russia Takes Uranium One
Publisher: Uranium Investing News
Jan 16, 2013
Patrick Wales' Fox Business Interview
Publisher: Fox Business
Jan 06, 2013
It's time to end the ban
Publisher: Richmond Times-Dispatch
Dec 11, 2012
Why the Pros Bet Contrarian: Sprott Execs Bambrough and Dimitriadis
Publisher: The Energy Report
Dec 04, 2012
Uranium Mining in Va. Should Proceed Carefully
Publisher: The Washington Post
Nov 29, 2012
Capital Results
Publisher: Capital Results
Oct 15, 2012
Heritage Foundation
Publisher: The Heritage Foundation
Oct 10, 2012
Former Canadian regulator discusses uranium mining
Publisher: Star Tribune
Jan 13, 2012
Walter Coles, Chief Executive Officer of Virginia Energy Resources, is interviewed by Stu Taylor, Business TalkRadio Network, Money Matters, and contributor to the Fox Business Network at the HiAlpha Mining Investment Conference November 29th, 2011
Publisher: HiAlpha Events